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As businesses evolve over time, major development milestones require fresh alliances, new business partners, customised funding solutions, or the acquisition or disposal of assets or businesses. While companies know their respective markets and players, it is not always apparent where and when a new successful alliance or investment opportunity emerges. SvG maintains ongoing dialogues with both regional and international companies and potential investors, which enables us to spot a potential new partner or an investment opportunity that may fit a company’s criteria, or identify an attractive funding source in the context of prevailing market conditions.


While you are focused on value creation, efficiency and growth, we are focused on helping you to find, evaluate and execute business opportunities and make strategic decisions that best suit your interests and plans.

SvG offers financial advisory services to businesses, shareholders, governments and investors throughout their development stages:


ScholzvonGleich advises on mergers and acquisitions, raising equity and debt financing, restructurings, privatisations, and other corporate finance transactions

- Private debt placements

- Public debt funding transactions

- Re-financing existing debt

- Structured finance solutions

Financing Solutions

- Private equity investments

- Stock exchange listings, dual listings

- Initial public offerings (IPO)

- Secondary public offerings

Financing Solutions

- Assessment of investment opportunities

- Joint ventures and strategic alliances

- Privatisations

- Financial restructuring

- Optimising capital structures

- Expert opinions

Strategic Advisory
Corporate Finance Solutions

- Buy-side

- Sell-side, including dual-track processes

- Divestures, spin-offs

- Fairness opinions

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