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Strategic Advisory

Corporate Finance Solutions

Extensive experience in refinancing, restructuring and forensic work on projects valued in excess of USD 20 billion

SvG’s independence and 15 years of team experience in Central Asia with diverse transactions across a variety of sectors provided us with an in-depth insight of the regional market and an unmatched overview of regional and international financial institutions and investors that are interested in different industry sectors in Central Asia. SvG’s ongoing dialogue with representatives of relevant institutions and authorities, including governments, ministries, state-owned enterprises, banks, stock exchanges and regulators complements our professional experience and allows to design optimised solutions.


​​Our team is skilled and experienced in reviewing and assessing specific investment opportunities, evaluating partnerships such as joint ventures and alliances, and designing and implementing corporate finance solutions for complex privatisations and restructurings under challenging circumstances in the regional environment, either as stand-alone solutions or in conjunction with a capital market or M&A transaction depending on client needs.


We also advise on optimising capital structures, either as a stand-alone assessment or in connection with restructuring and refinancing solutions, and provide a variety of other financial advisory services including financial due diligence and expert opinions such as fairness opinions in relation to contemplated transactions.


SvG is committed to the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and client service in line with best international practice, and we adopt a tailored and resourceful approach to maximising value for our clients.


​Most importantly, our clients’ best interest is always paramount: we know first-hand that in a rapidly developing market like Central Asia, building durable and trusted relationships is the key to long-term success.

Note: Transaction experience includes corporate qualifications and individual experience of the SvG team


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